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The drivers and utilities are used for Thunderbolt RAID storage. If your requiry does not appear below list, please contact Areca Technical Support

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Linux - Thunderbolt Driver
OS Version Build Date Description
Linux 2018/07/05 To support thunderbolt cable hotplug, arcmsr driver must be v1.40.0X.05-20180309 or later
Distribution OS Version Build Date Description
OpenSUSE 15.0 1.40.0X.08 2018/06/05  
RHEL 7.6 1.40.0X.10 2018/11/02 This driver also supports CentOS 7-1811/Scientific 7.6.
Suse-SLES 15 2018/07/11  
Fedora 27 1.40.0X.05 2018/02/22 To support Areca thunderbolt devices, ARC-8050Tx, Linux kernel must be V4.13.0 or later.
Fedora 28 1.40.0X.06 2018/05/04  
Fedora 29 1.40.0X.10 2018/11/02  
Ubuntu 17.10.1 2018/02/22  
Ubuntu 18.04 2018/05/04  
Ubuntu 18.04.1 2018/07/11  
Ubuntu 18.10 2018/11/02  
Linux - Intel thunderbolt user-space components package
OS Version Build Date Description
Linux 2018/02/22

The user-space components operate in coordination with the upstream Thunderbolt kernel driver (found in v4.13) to provide the Thunderbolt functionalities. You need to build it using the latest update version source code.

Download from (click the pull down menu of "Clone or download", then select 'Download ZIP')

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