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ARC-1300-4e DataSheet
ARC-1300 Manual


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ARC-1300-4e +



(Cost-effective SAS Host Adapter with eSATA Connectors)

Areca offers the most complete line of SAS host adapters. The host adapter card enables large-scale direct attach storage (DAS) arrays through external 3Gb/s ports driving up to 16 SATA devices for eSATA connector. The host bus adapter drives external server storage RAID and non-RAID enclosures with unprecedented throughput by connecting a four-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express bus with option one external x4 eSATA connectors.
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3Gb/s SAS PCIe 1.0 Host Adapter
Model Name
Host Bus Type
PCIe x4 Lane
RAID Level
Drives Support

Up to 16 SATA ll with
port multiplier box

External SAS Ports


External Connector
4 x eSATA
Internal SAS Ports
Internal Connector
Dimensions (L x H)
80 x 98 mm
  Hardware Specification

PCIe x4 bus
  PCI express specification, revision 1.0a
  BIOS PnP(plug and play) and BBS(BIOS boot specification) support
  Legacy BIOS and EFI support
  RoHS compliant
  RAID Features
  3Gb/s per port
  4 x eSATA connectors for ARC-1300-4e
  Staggered spin-up, Hot Plug and Native Command Queuing (NCQ) for SATA II
  x4 Lane, 2.5 Gb/s PCIe
  Connects to SAS and SATA HDDs, tape drives, SSDs
  Address up to 128 total end-point devices via SAS expanders
  Areca BIOS setup utility
  Enclosure management (SES2 and SGPIO) ready
  System status indicates through global HDD activity/fault header and individual activity/fault header
  Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 3.0Gbps
  Serial Attached SCSI (SAS-1.1) compliant
  Supports wide port (Any combination of x1, x2, and x4)
  Supports Serial SCSI Protocol
  Supports SAS Management Protocol (SMP)
  Hot-plug capability
  Staggered Spin-up control
  Serial ATA 3.0Gbps
  48 bits LBA, support HDD partition larger than 137GB
  Fully compliant with Serial ATA II (3Gbps) compliant, with speed negotiation Serial ATA 1.0a (1.5Gbps) specifications revision 1.1
  Supports external SATA voltage levels
  Hot-plug capability
  Supports Serial ATA II Port Multiplier 1.0 Specifications revision1.1
  Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
  Output swing control
  Operating System
  Windows 10/8/server 2012/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP: SCSIport/Storport (32-bit and x64)
  Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, and Fedora Core (32-bit and x64)
  Mac OS 10.4.x or higher
  Solaris 10/11

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