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  July 6, 2007  

Eight Port RAID 6 PCI-Express Host Adapter
ARC-1221x features a PCIe eight lane interface, an 800MHz Intel IOP341 I/O processor, 256MB of on-board DDR333 533 MHz SDRAM with ECC protection and an optimized RAID engine to support extreme RAID 6 performance......more info
  June 1, 2007
Intel Corporation

Switching to RAID 6 was one of the more recent changes made by Leaberry to improve the iArchives storage and data protection solution. In making the move, he evaluated several RAID options and eventually chose the Areca ARC-1260 RAID 6 host adapter powered by the Intel® IOP333 I/O processor...... more info
  May 7, 2007


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November 2, 2006

These Servers get your blood flowing
For the blood-flow project, Reason develpoed a cluster of 54 computer nodes, directly to the super node, Daninger said. They controlled by a high-performance Areca RAID controller from Brea, Calif. based Tekram Systems. One feature of Areca that Daninger likes is its error lights that indicate which drive has failed.....more info
  October 30, 2006


Areca ARC-1280 PCIe to SATA ll RAID Adapter with 2Gb on-board
The fully configurable workstations provide the highest RAID 6 feature to meet the most demanding requirements of both instant data availability and security directly derives from Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Array Roaming....... more info
October 4, 2006

Intel Corporation

New Areca
* RAID HBAs Power Through to High-Performance Storage Systems
The Areca ARC-1280 RAID HBA is based on the Intel® IOP341 I/O processor with a single Intel® XScale® core, supporting the card’s dual-bus configuration with both PCI-X and PCI Express....... more info
  September 29, 2006

Linux Professionell

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August 29, 2006

Areca ARC-1280 preview and mini SATA raid comparison
ARC-1280 communicates to the outside world by means of PCI Express x8-interface, which full offer band width of 2GB/s to duplex......... more info
  May 12, 2006
Admin's Favorite

Areca ARC-1220: "As one of the first manufactors, Areca is offering an SATA ll RAID Controller for the PCIe bus."
Areca has a PCI Express controller which
satisfies with good features and high performance......... more info
  May 5, 2006

c't magazine

For professional Linux-users the ARC-Models will be the right choice
Areca RAID Controllers are famous, because of real Hardware-RAID, optional BBU, the management-software and drivers...... more info
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