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Areca Releases 12-Bays Compact Tower 12Gb/s SAS JBOD Solution


Taipei, Taiwan, - April 28, 2017 - Areca Technology Corporation (ARECA), a leading provider of internal, external and Thunderbolt RAID solution, today announced the availability of a new ARC-4038-12 12Gb/s SAS compact tower JBOD. The advancement of 12Gb/s SAS connectivity allows the ARC-4038-12 compact tower JBOD to transfer end-to-end 12Gb/s storage speed between the storage enclosure and the host server. Customers use the ARC-4038 JBOD to provide an affordable, highly scalable, high-performance storage solution that enables customers to expand capacity beyond the server to meet growing data requirements.

ARC-4038-12 is based on 12Gb/s SAS technology and powered by the Power Optimized LSI SAS3528 12Gb/s SAS expander controller chip. It can support 3/6/12Gb/s SAS or 3/6Gb/s SATA hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs). ARC-4038-12 JBOS supports four 12Gb/s SFF-8644 SAS host and expansion connections. Out-of-band CLI can re-define manufacture default setting on those connections. ARC-4038-12 can be connected into two host ports with those RAID or host adapter ports which directly come from the SAS controller chip for the performance of I/O and bandwidth intensive applications. ARC-4038-12 JBOD is fully qualified for using with ARC-1883x 12Gb/s SAS RAID adapters, ARC-8088 12Gb/s RAID subsystem and 3rd party 12Gb/s SAS host adapters with external ports, providing easy connectivity to servers for cost-effective storage expansion and scalability.

ARC-4038-12 firmware and EPLD has implemented the SES-3.0 protocol and disk activity map to the individual fault/activity status indicator on the backplanes. It has implemented autonomous chassis management of power supply status, two fan monitor/speed control through the SES-3.0 protocol. The hardware monitor can monitor system voltage and temperature. The warning message will be shown in alarm buzzer and respect LED.






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Areca Technology Corporation designs and manufactures storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market including DAS, NAS, and SAN. All PCI, SCSI, and Fiber Disk Array Controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 or JBOD. It also produces its own custom ASIC, a high-speed IDE controller, and a RAID 6 engine on their controllers to achieve high data throughput and availability. Areca has completely committed its highly skilled research and development effort to disk array technologies that yield the fastest performance, best reliability, and lower cost points than competitive disk array solutions. Areca Technology is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

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