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Areca Launches 12Gb/s 8-Bays Compact Tower Box


Taipei, Taiwan September. 3, 2015 - Areca Technology Corporation (ARECA), a leading provider of internal, external and Thunderbolt RAID controllers, today announced the availability of a new ARC-4038Ml 12Gb/s SAS compact tower box. SI customers use the ARC-4038Ml box provides an affordable, highly scalable, high-performance storage solution that enables our customers to expand capacity beyond the server to meet growing data requirements.

The ARC-4038ML is the replacement of the previous generation ARC-4036ML which inherits its robust, high reliability and cost effective 8-bay tower enclosure. It contains a firm chassis, cable-less backplane with SES 3.0 environment information monitoring, including the power voltage, fan speed, the temperature of enclosure and 2 quite large sizes of smart-cooling fans. These 2 smart-cooling fans are self-contained with both ventilation and buzzer alarm.

SAS-3 specifications have fully specified Rx-Tx training as a means to establish and optimize signal conditioning settings at the 12.0 Gbps data-rate. The ARC-4038ML has integrated with the 12Gb/s re-driver chip on its backplane to extend the reach possible by adding active linear equalization to the channel, boosting attenuated signals so that they can be more easily recovered at the SAS-3 Rx. This could guarantee the signal from external connector on the external 12Gb/s SAS RAID adapter to the model backplane connector. It also provides simple serial bus connection for fault/activity LED (only with Areca external RAID adapter). In addition, eight flexible 3.5” or 2.5” for SAS/SATA HD and SSD are also available on this compact tower enclosure with hot swappable trays inside.

The ARC-4038ML could work with Areca 12Gb/s external RAID card ARC-1226-8X and ARC-1883x to hold the best performance after a fine turning or an external type of HBA ARC-1330-16X to run the software RAID application.






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