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  Nov 25, 2010 Areca Launches 6Gb/s SAS ARC-8026 Expander Box
  Aug 19, 2010 Areca Launches 6Gb/s 8-Bays Compact Tower SAS JBOD
  Aug 9, 2010 Areca Launches ARC-1880 Series 6Gb/s SAS RAID Adapters
  Jun 1, 2010 Areca Adds USB3.0 to Its Existed 8-bay Multiple Host Compact RAID Subsystem
  Jun 1, 2010
Areca Releases 8-bay 6Gb/sSAS to SAS Compact RAID Subsystem
  Apr 21, 2010

Areca Releases XMC/PMC 8 Ports SAS RAID Controllers

  Jan 6, 2010

Areca Releases 8-bay 3Gbps eSATA/FireWire 800/iSCSI/AoE/USB2.0 Host Compact RAID Subsystem

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