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Areca Expands Controller Family With New 2-Port SATA RAID Solution for the PCIe x1 Interface


Taipei, Taiwan, October 17, 2007-- Areca Technology Corporation (ARECA), a leading provider of internal and external RAID controllers, today announced the availability of a new two port SATA RAID controller designed to ensure high performance internal storage connectivity of PCIe x1 interface equipped, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac computers. It is used the same RAID kernel of its field-proven external RAID controller. The ARC-1200 is the industry's most compelling PCIe x1 to SATA ll RAID solution which economically delivers full-featured true hardware RAID to desktop and workstations as well as entry-level servers.

The ARC-1200 controller incorporates onboard high performance 500MHz storage processors and on-board DDR2-400 SDRAM memory to deliver true hardware RAID. The test result is against overall performance compared to other standard SATA host Adapter. Hardware RAID cards have their own local RAID processor onboard, plus dedicated onboard cache for full hardware offloading of RAID-processing functions. The ability of hardware RAID controller to rebuild an array in the event of a drive failure is superior to what software RAID controllers offer. The card offers RAID levels 0, 1 and JBOD. When properly configured, the SATA RAID controller can provide a high degree of performance and fault tolerance with data mirroring for maximum protection.

The BIOS contains an embedded McBIOS RAID manager that can access via hot key at BIOS boot-up screen. This pre-boot RAID manager can use to simplify the setup and management of RAID controller. The controller firmware contains a browser-based McRAID storage manager that can access through the Http Proxy server. The McRAID manager allows local and remote to create and modify RAID set, volume set, and monitor RAID status from standard web browser. API software components and CLI also support for the RAID manager.

The new Areca ARC-1200 SATA RAID controller is available through worldwide distributors and resellers now.


About Areca Technology Corporation

Areca Technology Corporation designs and manufactures storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market including DAS, NAS, and SAN. All PCI, SCSI, and Fiber Disk Array Controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 1E or JBOD. The company also produces its own custom ASIC, a high-speed IDE controller, and a RAID 6 engine on their controllers to achieve high data throughput and availability. Areca has completely committed its highly skilled research and development effort to disk array technologies that yield the fastest performance, best reliability and lower cost points than competitive disk array solutions. Areca Technology is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

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